Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to the Teenies?

If last decade was the Naughties, does that make this decade the Teenies? Something to ponder while you check out these awesome new finds from Harlow.

Pose - International Models 11 #6
Wearing -
SSC Cupcakes Daydream from Body Doubles

I love Body Doubles shapes and I especially love the new Skin Specific Collection shapes. Cupcakes is one of my fav skin places, so I have an extensive collection of make ups and skins from there. Having a shape especially made to show them off to their best is such an awesome plus! I'm almost tempted to give up my modified Leah Remini for it! But not quite...

Pose - International Models 11 #2
Wearing -
Elf Girl from Nushru

Nushru was very generous and gave its group this gorgeous dress in red and green for Christmas. Its so cute that Quiver made more gorgeous colour combinations available and they are very affordable too and have matching boots you can purchase seperately.

Pose - International Models 6 #9
Wearing -
Flounce & Faun Kardi's Heirloom Gown & Silq'waggi Heirloom Earrings and Necklace from Silk & Satyr

New in store for '10 is this gorgeous gown from Silk and Satyr. With a gorgeous laced decolletage and bare shoulders, its a stunner for any remaining parties celebrating the new year, or just a night out with your loved one. teamed up with the special Heirloom jewellry from Silq'waggi, you will look amazing!

Pose - International Model 14 #9
Wearing -
Mix and Match Tops from Dance Creations

I love the mix and match range from Dance Creations. With them in my inventory, I always have something for any occasion. I was feeling a bit animalistic tonight, so found the gorgeous cheetah shirts to share with you. At such ridiculous prices, you can stock up your inventory too!

Pose - International Models 11 #4
Wearing -
Golden Dreams Bangles from Zari

The perfect finishing touch to your outfit can be found at Zari. The Golden Dreams chunky gold bangles will look great with an evening gown or just jeans and a tee. Check out the rest of the amazing jewellry on offer in store on Harlow.

We'll have a lot of new events, awesome new poses and suprises for you this year, so keep your eyes open. Looking for a new satelite store? Check out Harlow. You'll be hard pressed to find better prices and promotion.

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