Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hello Wednesday!

Hi there!

First at all, I want to congratulate all you guys in the USA for your new President, I hope the next 4 years we'll see some great things happen with your country.

Second, I hope all the British people have a great Guy Fawkes day, I still can hear all the fireworks, even though today is a cloudy and cold day ^^

So, after that, I introduce the new pose for this week:

If there is a spanish/latin family name that I like, is Aguilera, and more when one of my favorites singers has this surname, yeap, she is Cristhina Aguilera and we have for you a fabulous collection for all of you.

She ROCKS!! don't you think so?

Come to our store and check our new collection for this week.

I must confess that I loved the picture that I did yesterday, so I couldn't help but create another one, this time with 2 of the 10 Poses based on Cristhina Aguilera.

And don't forget!!!
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Have a nice Wednesday!!!

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