Saturday, November 29, 2008

Armed and Beautiful!!

We always find an excuse to have fun with our friends, and can be better but to capure these moments with a nice shot!

But a nice shot is nothing without using a great pose. that is why Strinking Poses brings you another couples pose to finish the week with. Grab your best friend and make the day full of happiness!

I have done it, here I am with my best friend Cerberus Noel, was fun as she didn't expect to be in the fountine getting wet, even when she was wearing her new lovely dress hehehe ... Sorry Cer!!! (Ph, I have to mention, she made her own dress!)

This is the last couple set at Striking Poses, ARMED AND BEAUTIFUL, I really hope you enjoyed all the fantastic poses that we have for you, and get amazing memories playing with them.

Don't forget that we also have the Dance With The Stars couple poses going for free, just join our update group, or add Striking Poses in your profile pictures, easy peasy!!!

Oh oh ... this is just a preview of what comes next week ...

so keep an eye in our store and on the blog ;)

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