Saturday, November 1, 2008

Because Striking Poses Loves YOU!!!

Have you ever wanted to capture that perfect moment of when you are dancing with your partner? so you can remember it forever? Now you can, how you ask? simply join our group and get this months free pose! With this pose you can capture that perfect moment!

And if you want more, add Striking Poses to your profile pick and get another great couples pose.

Both of these poses are based on the hit TV show "Dancing with the Stars". What are you waiting for? Just come on over to our store and touch the group sign to start receiving these free gifts! :)

Don't forget to tell your friends how they can receive these fabulous couples poses! :D

Enjoy them!!!

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I had to tell you that you (and I) have the most handsome model in the grid :P Kamian is a star!

The poses are very cute, and it will be much easier to photoshoot dancing moments :P


Zelly Mornington said...

Aww, thanks Annah! :)