Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Group Love and Couples Hotness!

In celebration of my real life bithday last week, I decided to show some special love for my update group! Here is a pose pack of Christina Aguilera in 3 of her most famous poses. This is a group exclusive and is only available for a few more days. If you want this pose pack, you MUST join the update group. Just go to my store, click on the big black sign by the door and voila! you are joined. Click the sign again, click History, then click the option that says GROUP GIFT. You will automatically be sent the pose pack...it will be in your Objects folder.

Remember, it's only available for a few more days so HURRY! :D

And because I love Calvin Klein ads so much (I could go on and on), I've chosen another one to base a couples pose on. This pose is so hot and steamy, you shouldn't miss out on this! Grab your partner, come on down and help me steam up my store. ;)

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