Friday, July 25, 2008

Why Should You Join the Striking Poses Update Group?

I'm glad you asked! I love all my customers and most especially my group members. They are the ones who are loyal, uplifting and willing to read through all my new releases posts. :D So as a way of giving some love back, I'm about to turn my group up a notch. I'm going to be implementing some cool fun programs.

1. Weekly Drawing--Each and every time I release new pose packs, I'm going to randomly draw 3 names from my group to send a pose pack to. I will announce the winners at the same time I announce the new releases. Yay!! :D

2. Customer Appreciation Plan--Each month, I will tally up how much each person has spent in my shops. The person who has spent the most will receive my next 3 new release pose packs absolutely free! W00T! But if the biggest spender is not a member of the group, the prize will be forfeited. Don't let that happen...JOIN!

3. Random Giveaways--I love gifting people. So I'm going to periodically pick a few people in my group to shower some prezzies on. This will be totally random. Just whenever I feel like it and to whoever I feel like it. :D

4. Sneak Peeks and Announcements--You'll be the first to know and see the things I'm working on. I *always* give my group members first notice of new releases so they will have a chance to come browse before the big FashCon crowd comes. :)

5. Exclusive Group Gifts--I periodically make gifts exclusively for group members. No one else on the grid has access to these, so that makes them a little more special. :)

6. And last but not least, joining the group will not cost you any precious group slots. I have a subscribe-o-matic group so this totally takes care of the group limit problem. Yay!

Just look for this sign by the front door, touch it and your in. That's it! :D

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