Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Goodness get ready for Flickr! Rawr!

I had such fun this weekend. I took a break from making poses, to just browse around the grid and I found some really cute stuff. I wanted to blog about these and I also need to make some pictures for my new Striking Poses Flickr Group, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. :D

Ok, I found this hair at House of Heart and I think it's my new favorite hair. OMG. The pictures don't even do it justice. It's so curly and can glam it up or tone it down. It just goes perfect with almost everything. Then I stumbled upon this cute little lingerie number. Now, I'm not one that normally buys lingerie because really I have no occasion to ever wear it. :P But this stunning set was offered for free. o.O Yes, you heard me right...FREE. The top hat, cane and shoes are included. Be still my heart! :D The creator did an amazing job, and you should really check out her whole line of clothing.

Ok, I'll shut up now and get to the pictures. :D

Nails--Petit Ange *an* nail_red_gloves

Skin--Blowpop Mellie 2 Honey--Smoky Black/Black Burgundy Plum Gloss

Lingerie--Nova Father's Day Gift Jenna Lingerie Set Magenta

Hair--House of Heart Unkept Sandy

Pose--Striking Poses Angelina Jolie_6, Greta Garbo_7

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