Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because we like men


As you know Striking Poses is not just for female celebrity poses, we also think on the male types too and to refresh your memory I will show you below 2 of the 3 collections that Zelly has made in the past.

First we have the King, Elvis Presley in his best moments. If you want your boyfriend to be just like the King, these are the poses for him! :P

Our second boy is the handsome actor from High School Musical. I don't really need to say to much about him, but if my boyfriend were to use these poses, I would marry him without hesitation.

So girls, get your boyfriend over to our store and buy these poses immediately... what are you waiting for? stop reading and grab your boyfriend and come to our store!!! NOW!!!

Next I want to show you how you can play around with these poses :D

[First picture is Elvis Collection and second picture is Zac Efron Collection... the female poses will be shown to you during this week ;)]

Are you still reading!!!?, you should be at the store by now!!!

Cya at Strinking Poses ;)

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